Saturday, February 12, 2011

But, of course

How could it possibly be otherwise?

A producer of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" reality series is listed in an application seeking film production tax credits from the state.

The heavily redacted 2010 document names Maria Baltazzi as executive producer of the unidentified production.

The Alaska Film Office does not disclose specifics about productions seeking tax credits until final approval. The Palin show, which debuted in November, is not among those listed as approved by the office.

If the Palin series tapped into the tax credit program, it would mean the show would retroactively be subsidized by the state.

Bill Baby Bill!


pansypoo said...

to cut taxes, is to be republikkklan.

Anonymous said...

another damn welfare "Queen" for the taxpayer

pansypoo said...

welfare for the rich. cause they 'need' it.