Friday, February 25, 2011

It's a Win-Win!

“At the grossest financial level, it’s just savings. You can cut the government worker, save the salary and still maintain the service, and you’re providing a skill for when [the prisoners] leave.”
Of course when "they leave", there will always be more prisoners to fill the jobs, so there's a bit of a disconnect there, but those are just minor details.


Montag said...

"... inmates supply the labor and learn marketable skills as fieldworkers."

Oh, I see. Jobs like these?

sukabi said...

just what we want to encourage... slave labor.

Joe Blow said...

Now if that guy was picking RIPE TOMATOS I would be all over it!

If he was chained to a pipe that ran along the rows of tomato plants and picked them at the absolute red ripe delicious point.. and then they were wrapped in silk and flown to my house

then it would be ok.. but as it is... NO..

pansypoo said...

i guess boeing losing money doing things on the cheap cost them more money, taught the low wage republikkklans NOTHING.

MD said...

Senator Ensign wants all minimum security prisoners to work 50 hrs a week. Hell he might actually have a productive job someday. I would think that prisoners doing their own repairs and gardening is a good thing. If any outside labor is involved it is done at union wages and the biggest portion goes to a victims fund.. ... I don't want this getting all Shawshankiesque.

Anonymous said...

Well, slavery Did solve the wage/price spiral from Ever getting out of hand.
how we ever gonna bring gummit costs down if we don't bust the unions and use the cheapest labor available so we can live in our 1.4 million dollar house and have cocktaila at four?
God obviously approves. It's in the Bible. Everyone had slaves back then.
That, and Lincoln was an ape,so I've heard. vox