Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late to the Party

But close together and beady-eyed Scott Walker is even dumber than he looks, and he looks incredibly stupid.


MD said...

What a Koch sucker. It is gonna be funnier than hell watching the damage control. Gee (cheese?) whiz, either Walker is a toady to two Big Money Capitalists at the expense of their labor, or he really thinks Mika is a real piece of ass. I'm guessing his planned no bid selling of government building powerplants to the Kochs isn't gonna go through.

Anonymous said...

His staff is just as stupid for not checking back and making sure that the caller was legit. Brilliant leadership for sure. These idiots (all over the country) are so focused on doing the master's bidding so they can be rewarded and get "theirs" and feel important and powerful that they are also easily duped. Try this. Think for yourself? Work for the greater good? Don't be so g-d self important and selfish?

Anonymous said...

David Koch doesn't take phone calls, and neither does the Gov of Wisc.
But Dave and Scott, brothers in beliefs in conservative verities, no matter how offensive, why its time to talk and share your plans and show the boss what a good clone you am.
kochsucker is a fine a name for such dedicated $$$$WHORES$$$$ as there is.
No. Whores are a better sort. Sex workers need unions too.

pansypoo said...

scum walker should have used his hand. he doesn't do teleprompter well.