Friday, April 29, 2005

Another incredible Bush Success Story

Not covered by the press, after all who amongst our national corporate media cares about people of color who don't have (R) behind their names? Certainly not FoxNews...home of "FAIR" and balanced news. I am pretty confident, if you are an individual who wants to get on a national cable news channel there is only one sure-fire way to go in order to get on television at any time:

"Dear Mr. Hannity,

I am an African-American, though I prefer the more classic term, NEGRO, of Republican philosophical bent. As such, I hate abortions, terrorists, communists, and Democrats who love all three, and "are" generally at least two out of three.

I would very much like to be on television. I am available most nights between 9 and 10 p.m. eastern. Please let me know which day this week you could use me.


Sambo O. Cookie

P.S. Really, I am a Negro.

P.P.S. But not too dark, I know that would scare you."

And on that note, let us reflect upon Haiti. Ah, yes, now that we managed to depose (kidnap) Aristide and eliminate that person who could not have been good, because after all he was installed through the machinations of "...the Clenis" things must be boffo in that nation right?

Um, no.

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, April 28 (Reuters) - Gunmen kidnapped a Haitian political leader on Thursday, witnesses said, raising more doubts about the prospect for elections set for October and November.

Dr. Jean Enold Buteau, head of the Movement for National Reconstruction and brother of Education Minister Pierre Buteau, was abducted in the parking lot of his medical clinic in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, the witnesses said.

Buteau's vehicle was abandoned on the street, police sources said.

The poorest country in the Americas has been plagued by political and gang violence since its former president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was ousted in February 2004.

At least 675 people have died in the violence since September, and the number of abductions for ransom of professional and business people has increased in recent months.

Wow, it's like Iraq without so many car-bombs.


Freedom is on the March*

*Legal Disclaimer: Freedom unavailable in some Hemispheres. If marching persists more than four years, please alert electoral college. In some instances marching may cause swelling and discomfort, in others it may cause painful urinary discharge, severe burns and anal leakage. Explosive devices may, on occasion be associated with freedom's march, as well as cause limitations upon democratic institutions in places where Freedom has been established. In such cases, excessive marching is advised, as well as staged rallies and the ignorance of constitutional procedures. In case Freedom's marching does not take, do not bother consulting anyone because you will not receive coverage.

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