Friday, April 29, 2005

Oh, Yes....please, Oh, Yes....

From the usual sound polictical analysis found at the Intersection of The Misunderstood Justice Taney Avenue & We Miss LOCHNER Avenue:

UNGAG THEM [John J. Miller]
I've got some unsolicited advice for the White House regarding its unconfirmed judges: Let 'em loose. Or at least a few of them. Like Janice Rogers Brown, for instance...Yet a nominee like Judge Brown is her own best advocate. She ought to be going on Larry King and a few other shows to talk about her background -- born in the South, attended segregated schools, remembers Brown v. Board decision coming down, etc. Americans will like her.

Oh, yes, as Champollion told us earlier, they'd be crazy not to like this...California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown told an audience Sunday that people of faith were embroiled in a "war" against secular humanists who threatened to divorce America from its religious roots, according to a newspaper account of the speech.

Yes, we need more WAR talk from our judges. Americans just loved the Schiavo case didn't they?

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