Saturday, April 30, 2005

Just so you know

We are now aware that if a white woman is kidnapped and found alive gets cold feet and runs away; in the short-term it gets three to five solid hours of newscoverage; though it only makes Nancy Grace's eyes bug up 3 centimeters, as opposed to the normal dozen.

How pathetic is this? SOOOOOOOOOO hopeful were our major media whores in creating, yet another, Scott Peterson or Mark Hacking, that they had this incredible media swarm of what was ultimately a HARDLY a rare case of a person doing something silly when they get cold feet.

Jesus Christ, will somebody please, for the love of God, cover some actual news?!!

But they will not. Watch our mediawhoredom create a demand for this woman's scalp because of their responsibility in going absolutely bonkers over this. She did something very stupid, it's been exposed. Now let these formerly unknown people go back to their lives.


Meanwhile, CNN and other networks have managed to devote about 15 seconds to four dead American servicemen.

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