Thursday, April 21, 2005

Thursday Miscellaneous Pope Blogging

Wow, two new, occasionally humorous, yet mildly offensive new features (at least offensive if you think mocking the pomposity of the Vatican is offensive)!

Is it [insert banal holiday here] already?

Regular headline captioning is nice, but doing funny captions of the 265 Popes [Plus some Anti-Popes down the road]...NOW THAT'S COMEDY!

You don't get this kind of quality blogging from Josh Marshall or the Center for American Progress!

Pope Hilarius the First [461-468] (and shockingly ONLY). Invented the Liturgical knock-knock joke.

First Guy (knocks): battuo-battuo
Second Guy (inside): Ibi?
First Guy: Jesu
Second Guy: Jesu who?
First Guy: Jesu chistos, ego ineo!

Unfortunately, that bombed with the Vandals.

Alexander VI [1492-1503] (yes, he's a Borgia).

"Blessed is he who can paint me a good nude of my mistress and my daughter getting jiggy? And throw in a hot bowl of bad soup?"


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