Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dear Popenfuhrer;

I was wondering in the wake of your recent pronouncements regarding the gays in Spain ("who sin mainly on the plain" -- sorry little joke, please don't smite me) whether a recent action of mine was sinful.

I was walking down the street yesterday, minding my own business as I went off to buy some bitchin' new rosary beads, when I heard someone greet me in a friendly manner. I looked up and responded in kind, but at once recognized that it was a neighbor of mine who I believe to be a homosexual.

It was just an instinctive thing, saying hello to him. But again, I think he is sufferin' from 'the gay'.

Is my recognition of him as a human being going to get me in trouble upstairs?

Thanks Holy Dude,

Atta J. Turk

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