Friday, April 22, 2005

Friday Miscellaneous Lifeform Blogging

As a rule I try not to be jealous of plants. I mean, I don't recall exactly the last time one pissed me off, but in a pinch I assume I can generally outrun them and if necessary perhaps eat them (sometimes this strategy has not worked well). Until I hear about the "Giant Venus Flytrap of Terra Del Fuego" I feel confident that this general attitude will remain viable.

However, there are certain plants that put even JimmyJeff to shame. I present to you this weeks miscellaneous lifeform...

The Titan Arum Lily

This plant is also famous for its hideous smell, which is said to be a cross between burnt sugar and rotting flesh.

Which makes me wonder, if, given those characteristics, we haven't found it the ideal mate (it does seem ready to be introduced doesn't it?).

Commence mating call.*

*Yes, I agree the two guys in the doorway are undoubtedly worried about stick insects and other vermin walking about London in miniskirts.

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