Saturday, April 30, 2005

Rush Rundown

Billmon, is back to regular posting again. Thank Goodness we have him again, along with Digby and Wolcott as writers (and let me add there are many others like Susan at Suburban Guerilla, Athenae at First Draft etc, and Steve Gilliard, etc., I've forgotten too many I know) -- and I say this even though Wolcott and Billmon have not assuaged my massively oversized, bloated, succulent ego by adding me to their blogrolls. You can tell my ego is involved here because I've just devoted about sixty words to an aside, an homage to myself.

Excuse me a minute while I go to the mirror...

I'm becoming Terrell Owens...I love me some me.

Aside from the talent, the money, and the bling, of course.

What was I posting about again?

Oh yes, Billmon has nice summary run through of the half-wit and ill-wisdom of the man who puts the "blow" in "bloviator".

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