Friday, April 22, 2005

Does McCartney Matter?

So by now we all have all heard that Sir Paul is hitting the concert trail. Now I want to warn everyone that I am about to propose a plan of action here. And for one more caveat, yeah the Beatles were an important group in the elevation of rock and roll into an art form, I get it... can we get the Baby Boomers to back off now.

But I have to wonder if art form is the same as emotion and authenticity. Because my friends that is what moves me about music regardless of style or genre. You know... the fact that the artist feels it. That they want to say something, share something, feel something. We all strive for connection and the perfect song is a thing of beauty. Putting into sonic form what we feel, especially when we thought that no one else felt that way. Anyone else remember that?

But I have to wonder if we still care about a tour like this or is this some kind of Baby Boomer excess. Its not like they ever get to relive the glory days, right? (please note intense dripping sarcasm... it may be necessary to wipe down the computer screen).

But I was reading about this big Macca tour and I am thinking to myself that I would rather go see The Who or The Kinks. Yeah, especially The Kinks. I believe fervently that while we waste our time discussing whether Mac or Lennon were geniuses, we should be appreciating so much more in popular music.

So, here is what I propose: Instead of going to see some bloated overpriced rock star or rock band (your choice) go see a local band. Go see a good struggling band that just wants people to hear the songs that they wrote. They may not have everything worked out yet but they will appreciate your kindly patronage. You might even find a diamond in the rough. Something beautiful or better yet you might find a band or artist that takes you to a higher level. Completely blows you away and makes you go "Wow!"

Oh, one point. No dancing. If the band or artist is choreographed or the show involves lots of posing, dancing, or the like, that is not a rock and roll show. That is entertainment and that is not what we are trying to appreciate right now.

And buy a copy of their CD and a T-shirt for your kid it will help with the indie cred, trust me.

And know what? You will still pay far less and have more fun and you might find some new and interesting music that you just have to listen to. So, lets all do it, ok?

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