Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Political Capital

Now that half the nation has joined together to believe that Bush deceived them regarding Iraqi WMD's and his ratings stink Dear Leader has taken a two-track approach to exerting political power.

First, he's decided to spend more millions of tax payer dollars to continue the Potempkinpalooza Tour (renamed from Josh Marshall because it's hard to use bamboozle when it clearly isn't doing so to the populace at large). Bush likes hand-picked, filtered, adoring crowds telling him what a stud he is, that he needs more of that "sweet, sweet adulation baby". It helps him continue the illusion that all love him and bow down before him. Kim Jong Il has less staged irreleality shows.

Second, he's decided to continue the raw exercise of political power in forcing unpopular matters down the throat of the Republicans in the Senate. He cannot allow any sign of weakness in having his henchman (Rove & Cheney) browbeat folks until the breakdown. Frankly, a perfect job for the man they are trying to force through the body at the moment.

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