Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday Miscellaneous Pope Blogging

Yes, time to plumb the depths of the 265 former Bishops of Rome. People did not used to necessarily rename themselves when they became Pope. They often kept their own names. So we could be witnessessing the reigh of Pope Joseph right now. But strangely, there has never been a Pope Joseph. Weird huh? Not exactly a rare name, it's even (kind of) in the Bible. But nonetheless there have been as many Pope Josephs as Pope Marys. Twenty-Three Johns, no Josephs.

Go figure.

BUT, we have had a "Pope Conon: The Thracian"

He was pretty damn old, for his day, at the time he became Pontiff and served only for not quite a year (686-687, you remember the 7th Century right?)

Conon it is believed was the son, of an officer in the Thracesian troop (Thrace was an ancient geographical region often battled over, at the time of Conon it was part of the Byzantine Empire, but has now been divided between southern Bulgaria, north-eastern Greece, and European Turkey).

His age, and simple character caused the clergy and soldiery of Rome, who were in disagreement, to put aside their respective candidates and to elect him as pope. He was consecrated (21 October, 686) after notice of his election had been sent to the Exarch of Ravenna (i.e. essentially the Governor of Italy under the Byzantine Empire), or after it had been confirmed by him. He received the Irish missionaries, St. Kilian and his companions, consecrated Kilian bishop (and thereby one cannot drink an overrated not-actually imported mid-priced beer without thinking of him...right? Well, right?...alright, from now on, think of Pope Conon). He was in favour with Byzantine Emperor Justinian II (also knows as the "Split Nose", but that will have to wait for "Wednesday Miscellaneous Byzantine Emperor Blogging", you all want that right?) who informed him that he had recovered the Acts of the Sixth General Council, by which, he wrote, it was his intention to abide (In case you were wondering, and you know you were).

And thus ends this edition of "Thursday Miscellaneous Pope Blogging".

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