Monday, April 25, 2005

Reality... its a gas, gas, gas

Russ Rymer understands that the republicans, actual conservatives, neo-cons, and religious righties do not want to have a conversation. They do not care what other people think. They do cannot fathom why we all don't love their man, Georgie. They are confused that we don't embrace their little pot luck of governmental control called culture o' life.

And what reason can explain such a disparity between those on the right and everyone else? The folks on the right deny and ignore reality. Ah, imagine you don't have to worry about what other people think. No one from the other parts of the political transum can tell you that you are wrong.

Those people who cannot see the right-wing perspective, well they are heathens or evil or misguided for they cannot see what is "real" and "true" because they bother themselves with all this reality, facts, and historical nonesense. The course of those on the right is an ahistorical, acultural path. It is like the ultimate parental statement: "We are right simply because we say so! And if we say it often enough and loud enough, only fools will disagree." Come on now, tell me that I am wrong here.

Ah, the American political right... the true extreme post-modernists...
(apologies to any actual postmodernists out there in Internet land)

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