Thursday, April 21, 2005

Deep Thinker

So much idiocy, so little column space.

Bobo Brooks looks at the pending rape of Senate traditions, the rabid, poisonous acts of the Republican Junta and blames...

Harry Blackmun.

I kid you not.

If Brooks had a sentient, independent brain-cell to compliment his shallow hand-wringing there may have been a half-way wretched column there today. But that would be expecting a bit too much from Davie, so the result is fucking wretched all the way through. So much stuff in the column that is at best, half right and ignorant of actual history, and, well, devoid of reality.

Here is a particularly odious sentence on the effects of Roe:

Liberals lost touch with working-class Americans because they never had to have a conversation about values with those voters; they could just rely on the courts to impose their views.

...Yes, passing civil rights legislation, legislative guarantees of pensions, ending a ruinous war, getting rid of a criminal President, passing environmental legislations, upping the miniminum wage, providing tax breaks for the provision of health insurance, maintaining and growing the economy, passing workplace safety laws...all are sooooooo anti-working class America. What the democrats didn't do I guess is bitch about the "Homos", and "the AAAAA-Rabs" and "how the darkies are takin' our jobs" and how "god loves us white people"...especially us "white guys ordaining what to do with our bitches' wombs." It led to real "in touch" people like Randall Terry and Eric Rudolph...can somebody tell me of the mad liberal, pro-choice bomber?

What a fucking douche...but its all dirty hygiene products 24/7 in BOBO's WORLD.

Up next, Bobo looks at the tragedy of the Second World War and blames it on...the Dutch, Anne Frank in particular.

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