Thursday, April 28, 2005

Davey, the Historian

Not finding any thing that he could get his little nads behind to lie about in the United States, like a good little conservative Bobo finds a way to bash the Russians and point the finger at the commies.

But the fact is the man knows as much about history as Jenna Bush, and without the added benefit of being the kind of person that would buy you a drink so as to have some leeway later when they barf in your car.

Bobo just comes right into your head and pukes all over it.

Now, far be it from me to defend the crooked racket that followed the tyranical rule of Lenin and Stalin, but one must understand the actual nature of pre-Soviet Russian history as well. Read this little nugget of historical analysis from babbling Brooks:

When totalitarian regimes take control of a country, they destroy the bonds of civic trust and the normal patterns of social cohesion. They rule by fear, and public life becomes brutish. They pervert private and public morality.

Oh, yes do we not all fondly remember the civic trust and wonderful social cohesion that reigned under the Romanovs?

What a lunkhead. Although the necessity of saying that Communism as it existed in Soviet Russia was the worst government EVER! is so much an unchallenged mantra that he will probably get away with it. Indeed, for little neoCons, one simply cannot point out larger, more corrupt and venal regimes, to do so means that you are a commie, and that includes all of the fascist hit-parade too.

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