Monday, April 25, 2005

Court Fight

I know that the big fight over the courts are important. And I too am confused that religious right activists who argued that the physical world is corrupting (fairly common argument up until the late 1970s when they were courted by the extreme right of the republican party because they saw them as unfaliably controllable bloc of voters) is dead now that they believe that they have the power to remake the constitution with an attack on the third branch of our government. This is an important fight. And we cannot allow the religious right and their lap dogs on the political right to win this one!

If they do, they will set the agenda of the religious and political extreme far right deep into the very fabric of the constitution. Imagine this, the religious rightists hold the legislatures in several states, they influence congress -- in some cases directly (how ya doing Mr. Frist?) -- they shape the preznit, if they take control directly or indirectly of the judiciary then there will be no ends to the theocratic litmus tests that we all have to pass.

This is about more than abortion. This is about civil liberties, crime and punishment, welfare, health care, education, the death of remotely fair taxation, an end to enviornmental controls (who needs clean air while they are waiting for the rapture?), and so much more.

This is bigger than Georgie Bush. This is bigger than Mr. Charisma Dick Cheney or even I-don't-need-to-sign-the-letters-to-families Duckin' Donald Rumsfeld. This is about our society and our culture. And the religious righties hate modernity. They despise equality (don't even think about anything remotely egalitarianism).

Imagine what they could do to our music. Too far to the center or left, they will shut your music down. Forget about protests, they will remove the impediments holding back the police state (no more Mirand... its all "good faith" searches from now on). Consider what your kids might learn in school or maybe that is not learn in school (its more than going after evolution... that's just a good starting place).

I tell you friends, I am scared to pieces of these religious right zealots run amok. And I suppose the Democrats are going to help us? Yeah, right.

Your future controlled by people like:

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