Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Birds of a Fleather, Fly Together

From the AP:

In a show of support, President Bush will give embattled House of Representatives Republican leader Tom DeLay an Air Force One ride to Washington from Texas on Tuesday, a White House spokesman said.

...Why not just take him to the circus, or bake him a cake?

Dear Leader: Gee, Tommy seems kind a down in the dumps, maybe if I take him for a plane ride he'll be hap, hap, happier?

I'd like to point out that similar charity got Tom Arnold cast in 'Soul Plane'.

But what makes it EVEN better is this:

Far from trying to distance Bush from DeLay's troubles, the White House has responded to criticism from Democrats with steadfast support for the majority leader. Now, with Tuesday's joint appearance, the White House is taking that loyalty to a new level.

Part of the reason is pragmatic. One of the most influential and effective conservatives on Capitol Hill, the man known as the Hammer is regarded by the White House as someone who gets things done — and the administration has proposals, such as changes to Social Security, that need an effective shepherd.

My god, they are taking DeLay out in public to sell Social Security reform.

That's like taking Paris Hilton out to sell the estate tax.

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