Friday, April 29, 2005

Brave Sir Robin Dubya

Wow, a stiff breeze must make him pee in his pants:

President George Bush was bundled into an underground bunker, Dick Cheney was evacuated to an "undisclosed location" and heavily armed secret servicemen took up defensive positions when a fast-moving cloud scudded towards the White House, it was reported yesterday.

The cloud that materialised 30 miles south of Washington on Wednesday morning was so dense it triggered radar monitors on the Domestic Events Network, intended to prevent a repeat of the September 11 attacks.

"Look, Mr. President, a large goose."

"Aw damn, and I'm wearing new underwear."

You know, I'd post the "Brave Sir Robin" song with more pictures, but I suppose the Freepers would claim it was a threat and claim they sent the Secret Service on me. And then there would be a Fox Poll like this...

Do you think Progressive Democratic, Unpatriotic, Blogger Attaturk should be...

(a) Disembowled
(b) Burned to Death
(c) Beheaded
(d) All of the Above

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