Monday, June 04, 2012

I'm pretty sure there are some sins in there

So Cardinal Dolan, what you're saying is...the reports are true:
Dolan, while serving as Milwaukee archbishop in 2003, agreed to pay multiple accused pedophile priests $20,000 in exchange for their agreeing to leave the priesthood, according to documents cited by The New York Times. Joseph Zwilling, Dolan’s New York Archdiocese spokesman, told The Post last week that there was no “payoff” to pedophile priests — only “charity.”
In other words, "I did give accused pedophiles $20,000 grand, if you don't like it fuck you". Which is not a nice thing to say to young readers under the circumstances.


just john said...

Question: If churches are exempt from paying taxes, why aren't they also exempt from bankruptcy protection?

pansypoo said...

how many pervs took the cash to leave.

Anonymous said...

Charity for the pedopriests but none for the kids. That kind of attitude will get you promoted to the New York Diocese.

Montag said...

For nearly a hundred years, the United States has been a cash cow for the Vatican. American Catholics gave and gave and gave, especially those Irish, Italian and Polish immigrants who finally took root and did well.

The Vatican got so used to that endless flow of money that they came not just to depend upon it, but that they saw it as their right, too.

That's the attitude evident here.