Tuesday, January 25, 2005

According to the Headlines the Tonight Show pays Tribute to Carson

Perhaps, somewhere in the near future, Leno will figure out the best way to pay tribute to Carson would be...

Not sucking so much!

Just a thought, you big-jawed, syncophantic hack. Your show really, truly, in my opinion could not suck more than it does. Lord its awful, it sucks on toast, everytime I watch it, it is like taking a virtual gaspipe night-after-fucking-night.

People, naturally, have their own opinions, but my opinion of Leno since he took over the Tonight Show is that it is the lamest show on television not hosted by Larry King. On occasion, when Larry King is the guest, I can only imagine it is only through some dreadfully sucky show in some other quadrant of the galaxy that we are kept from being sucked into a massive blackhole of talent. Perhaps, closer to home, Adam Sandler movies provide something like a fire-break.

Sucking for 13 Completely Unmemorable Years

I don't care whether people are alleged misanthropes, misogynists, what have you (well I care, I don't want to see people beaten, or abused, etc. but frankly gossip mongering about off camera shit is just that, I don't care who is banging who at the big company downtown, why should I care who is bangin' who in the entertainment industry? If it works as a joke, fine, otherwise, who should give a rip?).

The only relevant question about a television show is whether you can stand watching it. And on that scale the Tonight Show in Carson's later years was dull and uninspired to me, especially compared to the show that followed it. But I was of Letterman's television generation not Carsons so I took it with a grain of salt. The Tonight Show was an institution, somewhat stale, but quite respectable. Until Leno changed it into a nightly show about his apparent (after all it is only what we see) neediness to be loved. Every fucking night I watch it, it is like watching Richard Nixon do a talk show with better joke writers (barely winning, unless, of course, Leno has ordered the bombing of Cambodia and I am unaware of it) such is the apparent clawing neediness of Leno to be loved.

In short, nobody is remembering Leno when he goes. Despite winning the ratings race over Letterman (something akin to Bush II winning elections), he was given the shiv to allow Conan to succeed him. Leno has left less of an impression on the late TV landscape than any of his predecessors not named Pat Sajak. Letterman, for all his prickliness (which I happen to like), has a depth to me that Leno can never obtain, no matter how often he does the same skits over and over, there is a dimension to him and depth that Leno can just not project. O'Brien is very good, when I watch him, but he'll never match Letterman's skills as viewed by me.

But the bottom-line remains this.

Jay Leno's show really sucks, and on the death of Carson we are reminded of it all the more.

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