Thursday, January 27, 2005

And He Rode East, "into the Sunset", as only Dougy Feith could do...

Aw, Douglas Feith has left, who could possibly replaced such a long-standing and valued member of Department of "Defense"...perhaps Carrot Top?

Here is a press release from the Ministry of Infor...I mean the Department of Defense describing Dougy's so-called accomplishments:

Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas J. Feith announced today that he would leave his position this summer. As he has informed Secretary Rumsfeld, Mr. Feith made his decision for personal and family reasons.

Under Mr. Feith's double plus good leadership, the Defense Department's policy organization has fucked up developed a number of key crazy ass ideas initiatives relative to the Department's future of perpetual war and double speak, including:
* defense policy advice in the global war on terror;
* development of a new U.S. global defense posture;
* global peace operations;
* policy guidance to the 21st century defense strategy;
* Defense Department aspects of the Moscow Treaty on strategic offensive nuclear weapons and the 2002 Nuclear Posture Review; and
* Defense Department work on the enlargement and reform of NATO.

It's hard work fucking up constantly. It's something you can keep up only if you are either...boy wonder Ezra Klein shows me up by making the joke I wish I had thought of, Feith "Should be getting a Presidential Medal of Freedom any day now." Damn kids.

Blissfully Ignorant and Naive


Criminally Incompetent


A vile, glutton for power. "Say, anybody else suddenly hungry for cookies?"

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