Monday, January 24, 2005

There Comes A Time When No More Is Gained From Timidity

He may not be one of the Singing Senators but Borin' Orrin, one of the finest songwriting senators ever sworn in, still has plenty to show off.

He's a real pill in a lot of ways and now he is threatening the newkular option.

The vote to confirm Rice had been expected last Thursday, as the inaugural parade headed down Pennsylvania Avenue. It was postponed after Democrats said they needed more time to debate the nomination. "It's understandable, reasonable, and fulfilling of our constitutional responsibility," said Senator Kennedy.

But Senate Republicans say the tougher stance could be a harbinger of much tougher fights to come. "The fights on judicial nominations are brutal, just awful. We're going to have to use the constitutional option sooner or later," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, the outgoing chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, referring to the possibility of changing Senate rules to make approval of judicial nominations easier.

The change, now dubbed the "nuclear option," would allow a simple majority of the Senate to end a filibuster, where now 60 votes are needed. Democrats have said they'd respond by shutting down the Senate with procedural maneuvers of their own.

To which I say: let's go. This is a fight we should relish...all the way to the finish. I'm sick and tired of the Republicans constant whining and lies. So, as the chimp would say, bring 'em on, this could get fun.

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