Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Request to Rising Hegemon Readers

I will not watch the crime, but today on CNN's "Howie the Ho Show", Disreputable Sources he will discuss the Blogosphere. His two guests, Andrew Sullivan and Wonkette.

In other words, two of the worst, most incredibly overrated big name bloggers. The schizophrenic conservative, and the so-called liberal vanity project.

If only, Ernest T. Bass, ESQ were added to made it a trifecta, what with the "hey" and the "indeed" thrown in from time-to-time.

So here is my suggestion.

I don't pretend to be nearly as famous (infamous) as any of the above. But, if there is a discussion of blogs on live TeeVee, Attaturk will agree to out himself before a live audience and repeat the words below repeatedly, and exclusively, for the fifteen seconds he would be allowed on the feed.

"Fuck you, Howie"
"Fuck you, Howie"

and, just for good measure,

"Fuck you, Howie"

Each time repeatedly louder.

Please contact CNN at this address, and help make "memorable" television possible.

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