Thursday, January 27, 2005

Oh Lawdy Lawdy

This will certainly make Dobson take notice, between Sponge Bob Bashing and Dachshund beating.

The NY Times helps perpetuate myth by writing about the age of the Shroud of Turin;

In an article this month in the journal Thermochimica Acta, Dr. Raymond N. Rogers, a chemist retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory, said the carbon dating test was valid but that the piece tested was about the size of a postage stamp and came from a portion that had been patched.

"We're darned sure that part of the cloth was not original Shroud of Turin cloth," he said, adding that threads from the main part of the shroud were pure linen, which is spun from flax


Let us look at what the Shroud of Turin's impression looks like:

The Shroud

Looks more like:


Idealized Jesus


Harry the Bigfoot



This Douchebag

The choice is yours.

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