Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Let Me Guess, Halliburton's Building It

Apparently, the American Embassy, as noted at Atrios, is going to cost...


Jiminy Jeebus!

It's not just an embassy, it's a domed stadium!

I had no idea concrete slabs to prevent truck bombs cost so much.

This is part of an additional $78.5 Billion that Dear Leader has asked for for Eye-Rack.
Soon the Iraq Tab will top $250 Billion, that's Billion with a "B"...oh, I guess you can see that already can't you.

These are just guesses but...

There are what, 280 Million 'Muricans?

Probably what, 175 Million paying taxes?

If you break it down to families, then you have maybe 75 Million households?

Congratulations Mr and Ms. American family, each and every one of your families has now payed more than $3,300 per household for our Chimperor's little war. Just for that little embassy you are each paying $20 bucks.

Feel better?

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