Sunday, January 30, 2005

Hail the Conquering Voters

Since I was interested in seeing the neocon view of the elections in Iraq (and felt the need for abuse), I turned on trusty Fox "news" sunday. And I was not disappointed. Brit Hume gloated over how this validates the war in Iraq. Chris Wallace kept repeating over and over that this was historic and justified administration policies. Then battlin' Brit Hume came back to how the "much embattled" neocons were right... that this election -- and this election alone! -- justsifies everything this brave administration has done in Iraq.

Bill Kristol discussed who pushed for this election against naysayers and critics? Brave, farsighted, and the leader of the free world, preznit Bush.

Whoa!! This love fest of the preznit and his Iraqis policies is not unsurprising but no mention of the recent bombings. Oh, they are not kidding are they? This is not a model that can be replicated anywhere! This is not a model for Saudi Arabia.

Then the group turned to attacking Ted Kennedy for daring to question the plan in Iraq, comparing Iraq and Vietnam, and calling for a pull out. Huge Hume: "Intellectual equvialent of grafiti," "out of his mind for saying such nonesense." Amazing. This election is seen by the Fox Neocons as complete cover for a failed mess in Iraq.

Here is the summary of the discussion:

Elections = freedom and winning the war on terrorism

Are they out of touch with reality? Do they not understand that elections, while a wonderful idea, are not going to get rid of the insurgency or the terrorist who are now in Iraq that were not there before the war?

Apparently not.

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