Friday, January 28, 2005

Bush's Freedom Flag

"I firmly planted the flag of liberty for all to see"

Yes you did...though many of us are not allowed to see the planting...

Flag apparently planted via 500 pound bomb.

Flag unavailable for wrapping as it was being planted via F-16.

This girl tripped and fell over a roadside bomb, but that's what happens during the march of freedom.

Either your with us or with the terrorists, let your broken skull be your guide.

Bush stated on Wednesday he is "freeing people in the name of peace." Here's a liberated child right now? Look how peaceful they are.

Boy, how cool will all those new planted flags look on top of those graves.

Three more celebrants!

I wonder why the American media isn't spreading more of these joyous images of Bush's Liberty Flags being planted?

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