Thursday, January 27, 2005

What thee religious right needs now...

Now at long last I finally understand the religious crazies... according to Michael Ventre, the religious extreme right are really Crackpots.

That explains a lot. Really. Who are the televangelists and Dobson's of the world? Crackpots. What do we call Fred Phelps? Uber-crackpot. It helps but yet it lacks the full nutty flavor, doesn't it?

Somehow the notion of crackpot does not cover the extent of the nut-wing's love-hate relationship with fact, truth, and reason. That is, they hate all those things and only love their ability to oppress others who think differently than they do. And Spongebob may be many things but he certainly is different.

And we all know, difference is bad.

... not all Christians are alike. Many, if not most, Christians understand the true message of Jesus. But there is a frightening number of so-called Christians who can be best described as creepy, rigid, arrogant, cruel, know-it-all, pompous, obnoxious and treacherous — better known by the acronym C.R.A.C.K.P.O.T.

These CRACKPOT Christians are nothing new. Throughout history there have been dangerous fools of all persuasions who have perverted religious text for their own selfish purposes. What they like to do, in essence, is force-feed their twisted beliefs on others while hiding behind a respectable label, thereby conning folks into thinking that their mean-spirited behavior is really born out of kindness and generosity.

So, what is next, Davey and Goliath making an unnatural video?

Oh wait, too late.

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