Sunday, January 30, 2005

Terrorist Ad Hoax

Terrorist Ad Hoax

From The Observer today:

The spoof ad opens with the suicide bomber leaving his home and jumping into his VW Polo. The bomber parks at a busy London restaurant where carefree diners crowd the pavement. Cut to the terrorist sitting in his car as he pushes the button to detonate his bomb. The blast is contained within the car, saving the diners. The ad ends: 'Polo. Small but tough'.

It has to be a candidate for the sickest advert of all time, but also one of the most deceptive. Despite the high quality production values, real Volkswagen logo and the free publicity it is attracting around the world, the commercial was not made by the car giant.

Indeed, the firm has expressed disgust at the spoof depiction of a suicide bomber blowing himself up in a VW Polo, and tomorrow it will consider legal action against its creators.

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