Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Busy Bee

Yet I cannot stop blogging, it must be a psychological disorder, or as President Braveheart would proclaim, "a brain thingerer".

Anyhoo, there are some items that you find out that simply must be let out for posterity, because you know some day you'll want them used again.

I've said before that I am just begging Newt Gingrich to run for Preznit, what's more, I may cross party lines in the run up to the election to support the guy. Not because I am fond of him, for I am not, but I salivate at what could be done to this gigantic hypocritical pussbag.

I knew about the "left first wife when she was in the hospital with cancer" story. I did not know this from David Corn:

not only did he leave wife number-one when she was ill; he did the same with wife number-two. Few people seem to realize that when Gingrich dumped Marianne, his second wife, on Mother's Day in 1999 (half a year after he was forced to resign as Speaker), she was in medical trouble. Eight months earlier, Marianne had been diagnosed with a neurological disorder that could lead to multiple sclerosis. The New York Post's Brian Blomquist reported this in July 2000. But the tidbit seems not to have become part of the Gingrich legend. Imagine the question, though, that could be put to Gingrich as a presidential candidate: You ended your first marriage when your wife had cancer, you divorced your second wife after she was diagnosed with a neurological disorder, can you please tell us what this says about your character and your respect for family values? Do you believe there is a need for an Eleventh Commandment: Thou shall not leave your wife when she is really sick?

Please run Newt. Please run.

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