Monday, January 24, 2005

A Novel Form of Protest, for your convenience

Over the weekend, DeDurkheim wrote of a novel form of protest of the Chimperor devised by the Germans.

Now, not everything, obviously, devised by the Germans is good, but this one certainly is. Rising Hegemon reader, Micheal (I'm not sure he wants his last name known) sent us an image that would work perfectly and told us to feel free to pass it on.

Therefore, using DeDurkheim's, the Germans', and Michael's suggestion to heart, he is a novel form of protest toward Dear Leader, should you chose to exercise it. Acting as such in public parks may have some legal ramifications, though how it is more illegal than not cleaning up your pets remains is beyond me. I'm pretty sure it is not an express clause of the Patriot Act, but you never know. So if you decide to act on it, it is your business.

Not only does it serve as a form of protest, but it also works as an additional warning for your friends and neighbors of various hazards carelessly left by your, undoubtedly Republican neighbors, who do not obey city ordinances on pet waste. Or in addition, or in the alternative, for you home owners, it can assist you when you clean up the lawn prior to mowing. Imagine the helpful face of Dear Leader letting your know, time-after-time, where excrement and leadership meet.

We therefore present you with this:

Image Shack is nothing if not inconsistent so I hope this works.

Feel free to print it off and use it, attach to little poles (chop sticks, pipe cleaners, etc.) and place in the, um, deposit. Like those electrical warning flags that people use (don't use sharp wire, we want to protest, not inadvertently injure people) it will assist others in making our public areas cleaner, warn your fellow citizens in more way than one, and safer for shoes.

Merry protesting fellow citizens.


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