Tuesday, January 25, 2005

One Nation Under Condi

I've been wondering about the whole Condi mess and the spineless souls that kissed her ass at the hearings on her nomination. Deference or not, WMD or not, she was put in charge of stabilizing Iraq.

"The White House has ordered a major reorganization of American efforts to quell violence in Iraq and Afghanistan and to speed the reconstruction," the New York Times trumpeted on its front page on Oct. 6. The Iraq Stabilization Group, led by Rice, was called an effort to assert more White House control over Iraq and to reduce the Pentagon's role.

To me that is her biggest failing. What has she done in furtherance of her duties? Why is Iraq less stable now than it was before? That seems to me a relevant question. Did any senator ask her whether she seriously pursued her duties in that role? What did she do? If she did, why is Iraq less stable today than it was when she was appointed?

Just asking.

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