Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Wow, if American Democracy was Alive, this would be trouble

Bush fortunately, has managed to come to power when the goblin of responsibility has been slayed.

All hail Octavius Ceasar Augustus Bush.

Who needs the law, Bush and Rummy, like Sly Stallone in Judge Dredd "am the law".

Senior officials in the US Defense Department have confirmed reports that the Pentagon ran a secret unit to help gather human intelligence.
The Washington Post first revealed on Sunday that the Strategic Support Branch (SSB) was set up on the orders of Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

The Pentagon was re-interpreting US law and trying to bypass the CIA, it said.

But the department denies bending laws, saying the group was set up to provide better support for military forces.

It was in regular touch with the CIA and Congress over its plans, officials say.

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