Monday, January 31, 2005

Before The Preznit's Next Ride Around the Parade Grounds

Well the talking heads are already talking about the success of the elections. Another made for teevee news event happened over the weekend when the press could go out and find a few heartwarming stories to remind us how great we are. It's all well and good but before the preznit decides to celebrate this one like Patton reviewing the troops, I'm taking it upon myself to remind him we have been here before.

Even if there was 100% turnout, the equation is still the same. But now we have to hear the inevitable question by the news machine: this morning on NPR Renee Montagne asks one of the guests doesn't this vindicate the Bush foreign policy? Imagine that, all we have to do is throw an election and that justifies the policy of premptive war and occupation of any nation we want for any reason we want, even if we lie about the reason, hundreds of billions of dollars in treasure, tens of thousands of lives lost, tens of thousands of bodies maimed, and finally, occupation in the face of a growing insurgency. I'd say an election is the least we can do. But a vindication of the Bush foreign policy? Good thing I didn't eat before I heard that one.

*Like Attaturk, I'm making a living today and will be off at least for today, maybe tomorrow. Meantime, don't take any crap from the media. Please.

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