Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Inside Blogball

Well it appears that the Pandagon duo of Jesse and Ezra, or Ezra and Jesse, Jezra(?) or whatever it is they are, have broken off (amicably) into a pair of blogs.

Jesse, who I don't know, but will pretend to, will remain at Pandagon.

Ezra, like Matthew Yglesias, will set out and brave both solo blogging and puberty simultaneously.

I'll really miss those charming harmonious falsettos.

Oh, sorry, that was the Everly Brothers.

Of course, when an A-Level blog (and a fine one at that) splits into two sections, it means only one thing to a group of B-Level blogboys like the Middling Triumvirate of Attaturk, DeDurkheim and Champollion.

When will one of those bastards blogroll us?

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