Monday, January 31, 2005


When your threshold of success in an election is "45 percent turnout for Kurds and Shia, 25 percent turnout for the Sunnis, under 200 murdered." , I'm not sure you really have any cognitive understanding of "success".

This is a song and dance.

As we have stated (and we are hardly alone) the Right-Wing will trumpet, and the media confined to within a small zone of Iraq will pass on stories of this "singular" triumph where people voted and they will state it by sheer percentages.

Of course we will now see what the returns are, we will now see just how overwhelming the Shia supported slate of candidates does in comparison to significantly lower turn outs of Kurds, and even more pathetically Shia.

The Right loves to govern by analogy, but analogy doesn't convert truth from reality. That only happens with American Corporate Media.

The ground will not change much in my opinion, and the truth will slowly ebb out. It may conflict with the comfortable meta-reality that war supporters continue to want to create, but it will come out nonetheless.

My advice, copy and past on those message boards that do not have "archives" (like this and most blogs do) and keep reference of your favorite overstatements made yesterday and over the next couple of days, because you are going to want to pull them out to show some neocon enablers at that puffed-up worst.

No more Judith Millers.

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