Monday, January 31, 2005

All You Need is Spin

Well, the enablers of the so called liberal media have worked their wonders to make sure that they emoted every ounce of the Bush Administration's ejaculatory load in Iraq...right down to the last little sperm. Judy Miller didn't even ask for a virtual towel as she got each prescious drop down her vacuum powered 10 amp gullet.

The secret, as the White House knows, and which the press and dupes known as Bush supporters seem unable and unwilling to learn, is to spin the initial impression as an absolutely smashing triumph.

Just look around the rightwing intellectual ghetto and you'll see it. Sing it long, sing it loud, I'm perpetually bamboozled and yet incredibly proud. Once again we have turned the corner triumphally, surely there will be no more corners now.

Enboldened that once again they have been able to create this meta-reality, the Bush team knows that it will be able to spin the same sort of tale in coming months in Iran.

I suggest the neo-cons called their planned Iranian and Syrian "freedom spreader" meme as SUPERDUPERSTAN.

It'll really play in the corporate newsrooms telling you what to think in Peoria.

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