Thursday, January 27, 2005


In my latest post (or was it, I post too much I suppose) about the Marquis de Sad, Candlewax Al Gonzales [more nicknames pending] one of commentors, Muddy, noted that one Republican Senator said that Gonzales was a "real Horatio Alger Story".

I know the Senator (well "hope") actually was referring to Alger's wretched pulp novels of young boys pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps (so I guess in the 19th Century they too have euphamisms for masturbation). But let us look at this actual story of the REAL Horatio Alger and see whether it may fit for our Attorney General designee:

Rejected by the Union Army because of his asthma, he took a tour of Europe where he finally decided to pursue the ministry. He took a position in Cape Cod but left for New York City rather suddenly in 1866, ostensibly to pursue a career in writing. Church records uncovered after Alger's death indicate that he was quietly dismissed for having sexual relations with several boys in his parish (as a result, the New York City chapter of the North American Man-Boy Love Association is named after him).

HEY NOW!! That even beats saying torture isn't torture.

Maybe for his next opening, Bush can appoint Dan Crane to something (is he still alive?)

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