Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I've been a busy little bee what with the blogging and the working and the masturba (HEY NOW!). However, during breaks one cannot help but note that on a day when 36 American Soldiers died, the mascot of the intersection of Denial Street & Quagmire Avenue made this delusional observation:

I only saw parts of it so I'm not going to be particularly helpful in relaying specifics-- but, wow was he in a good mood. You almost get the impression he enjoys doing these now.
Posted at 11:14 AM

Now, I did not see the press conference, but either she's delusional, Bush is EVEN more craven and depraved than I assume he is, or a little from A and a little from B.

Jeebus the worst tragedy for Americans in the war and she thinks he is all bubbly and pumped up?


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