Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And now, more lame fun with Microsoft Paint


About Laura Bush's memoir (and prescription log):

Mrs. Bush concedes that she and her friend were chatting when she ran the stop sign. But she also suggests a host of factors beyond her control played a role — the pitch-black road, an unusually dangerous intersection, the small size of the stop sign, and the car the victim was driving.

Now look, this was a horrible event in one's young life and I have no doubt she did and still feels awful about it, but c'mon.

"the car the victim was driving?"

Is she saying it was one of these?


JDM said...

L'il tiny stop sign? Jesus fucking Christ.

StringonaStick said...

What, they have nonstandard sized stop signs in Texas? Who knew?

Montag said...

W'all, shit. And here I thought that everything in Texas was bigger than anywhere else.

Little tiny stop signs. Sure makes me look like a dumbfuck.

sukabi said...

from the reports that came out about this 10 years ago, the intersection was very familiar to Ms. Laura and her friends... plus if it was "pitch black" as she suggests, her headlights and his would have been very visible from quite a distance... roads are straight and flat.

Convenient that she leaves out that he was a very recent ex-boyfriend, and that she and her friend were drunk / stoned.

pansypoo said...

stpo signs are small when you have tunnel vision.

guessed said...

sukabi, is that what kitty kelley alleges? a few months ago, laura declared herself a rastafarian (!) who listens to bob marley on her ipod. sounds like she's kept up the habit.