Thursday, April 22, 2010

Modern Republicans

Nice group of legislators you got there Arizona:

COOPER: I mean, as you said, the certificate of live birth is available for anyone to see. It's been released. And, in Hawaii, there are only electronic records at this point, and the health department there has verified it. They have made public statements.

So, why vote for something which perpetuates these false Internet rumors?

ASH: Well, Anderson, I think there's been a lot of controversy over the issue. It's created a division among a lot of people in the United States. And, for better or worse, many people don't believe he is a U.S. citizen. They believe he has loyalties -- divided loyalties, I suppose you could say.

COOPER: Right, but those people are wrong. I mean, he is a U.S. citizen.

Well, you're telling me that he's wrong. I have never investigated that. If he is, then he has nothing to fear.

COOPER: But -- but, I mean, that -- the information is out there. It has been released. It has been shown. There are some people who don't believe it, but there are also some people who believe that the moon is made out of cheese. And you can say you have never investigated it, but I think you would probably say the moon is not made out of cheese.

ASH: Well, I certainly would.

But the reason I spoke up on this bill is simply because there is a lot of division in the country. And I believe this would put an end to any future controversy about a president's qualifications.

COOPER: You told our producer you voted for this because you get a lot of calls from constituents with questions based on things they have read on the Internet.

I mean, isn't it your job as a leader to actually lead, not to throw up your hands and say, well, who knows what's real or not on the Internet, to actually say, well, actually, you know, Hawaii has released this information, and it's factually correct?

ASH: Well, as I said, I haven't personally investigated that.
But I -- I think that, if -- if...

COOPER: But, I mean, there's plenty of things you believe that you have not personally investigated.

ASH: That's true.

COOPER: Why, this, are you holding onto?

ASH: Well, what we're requiring here is for a -- a presidential candidate to demonstrate he is qualified.

And I don't think having any presidential candidate -- candidate show that he's qualified by demonstrating the requirements of the requirements, that there's any problem with that.

COOPER: You told my producer you thought the president spent a million dollars fighting the release of his birth certificate, and then that raised concerns for you.


ASH: That's what I have heard. As I said, it...

COOPER: Right. But that's not -- you know that's actually not true?

ASH: I -- I don't know that that's not true. As I said, I haven't studied it.
You get a lot of information on the Internet. As you know, much of it is inaccurate.

This has not been a focus of my attention for the last two years. But I know it is a matter of -- of controversy for many people. And I looked at this as simply a -- a means to end that controversy.

COOPER: You -- you also said to our producer that the president identified himself as a foreigner on his college application.

ASH: Yes.

COOPER: You know that's not true, right?

ASH: I didn't know that that was not true.

COOPER: That's a story that was put out on April Fool's Day. It's a fake AP news story.

ASH: Like I said, I --
I'm reluctant to read anything I read on the Internet, including the evidence about his birth certificate.


Montag said...

Heh. One old fascist shuffles off this mortal coil, and another one pops up.

They're like whack-a-moles.

Morbo said...

And Raul Grijalva has called for a boycott of his own state as a result. Sadly I don't think that will be enough.

Unknown said...

There you have it, America's Karl Pilkington.

Major Woody said...

Shorter Ash comments:

Der, duh, der, der, duh!

Athenawise said...

Overwhelmed, Cecil Ash put his fingers in his ears and shouted, "La, la, la, la. I can't hear you!"

JDM said...

Fucking retarded douche nozzle butt wipe.

Harry R. Sohl said...

"I'm reluctant to read anything I read..."

That about sums it up, except to say: "But I'll gladly repeat it verbatim!"

pansypoo said...

nevermind that mccant was born in PANAMA.

and there is 'no' global warming. also too.

republikklan=brain damage

MarkC said...

Expecting him to acknowledge his position's stupidity is like pointing out that a person using a dog whistle isn't using Morse code the correct way when he whistles with it.

You're expecting something resembling the language you're using, while he is just miming it in order to communicate on a much more primal level to his intended audience.

Rhode Island Rules said...

I don't care so much about the birth certificate. I want any candidate for federal office to have to pass a basic US History and Civics test.

Anonymous said...

Is Ash a candidate or just a complete ass? Bravo to A. Cooper..vox

Olives and Arrows said...

.....when are these fuckers gonna give up on the birth certificate thingie?
Barack Obama already produced an authenticated birth certificate.

Give. It. Up.

pansypoo said...

blah blah blah

pansypoo said...

blah blah blah

Anonymous said...

"As I said, I haven't studied it." Why didn't Anderson Cooper ask whether the idiot should have studied the issue before voting on the stupid bill ?