Thursday, April 22, 2010

Perfectly reasonable people

Though shalt dispute all manner of wasteful government spending, except when it comes to Sarah Palin:

A San Francisco lawmaker has come under attack after he raised questions about a speaking engagement by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin scheduled for June at California State University Stanislaus.

State Senator Leland Yee said he has received death threats in recent days, along with racist hate messages about President Obama and homophobic hate messages, apparently because he represents San Francisco.

Yee showed KTVU some of the hate mail he said he's received at his offices in San Francisco, San Mateo and Sacramento.

Dammit, just because the California government is out of money primarily because Republicans got Prop-13 passed thirty plus years ago, doesn't mean the remaining crumbs can't be used to keep Sarah Palin flying in private jets over educating kids or feeding them.

Stupid kids.


Montag said...

I'd put money on this being a campaign of KFSO or Free Republic.

Scary Sarah is like the Virgin Mother to these little beasties.

Major Woody said...

Also, it makes perfect sense that if you're disputing someone questioning expenditures on Sarah Palin, you send them racist hate mail about Obama. In fact, it's always appropriate to include racist stuff to support your point, it shows you're not some PC commie. Unless you're referring to Michael Steele. But then it's ok if you're a Republican, because then you're just making a joke.

Please kill me now.

pansypoo said...

IOKIYAR x palin=anything goes

Anonymous said...

despite California's system being broken and penniless, these racists have the gall and the dough to pony up big bucks to go listen to Mama Palin's regurgitated slime again and again and ...see no problems she cannot solve or even consider vox

AKjah said...

Is this not fraud? And is not Palin complicite.