Friday, April 16, 2010

Underwhelmed or at least just Whelmed.

Tea Party Sadness was nationwide...poor Glenn Reynolds was stuck in Cincinnati with a sad or was it the other way around?

Meanwhile, Sean Hannity — who was supposed to do his show from here live — has had to go back to New York on some sort of personal emergency, but the folks here, though disappointed, still seem full of energy.

That personal problem was the Teapartiers thinking they were bigger than Rupert Murdoch.


Anonymous said...

Looking for a focus group here, peeps.

Following on Chomsky's recent comments upon the US descent into fascism, and Rachel Maddows's "Timothy McVeigh" tapes---

What if we were to help the world think of the "TEA Party" as the "Timothy McVee Party"?

Yes, I know his last name was actually pronounced McVAY, but I don't think that poses an insurmountable problem.

Posters using the same graphics as the "Taxed Enough Already" signs could be made up, sustituting the words "Timothy McVEigh PArty.

Then these signs could be used for counterdemonstrations and bumperstickers, etc.

And of course, we'd all have to get into the habit of always and constantly referring to them as the Timothy McVEE Party.

What say ye, Hegemonians--- good idea or bad one?

-Privatize the Profits! Socialize the Costs!

Montag said...

Yeah, the teabaggers don't understand that while Fox is happy to stoke their insanity with Hannity, it's going to protect its brand. Why, if someone else makes money on Fox's talent without Fox getting its cut, that could set a bad precedent.

You'd think that the TBs, of all people, would understand how those "free markets" really work....

Athenawise said...

I appreciate your thought process, Anonymous. But I think we should, ever and always, call them teabaggers.

Because that's the way they roll.

pansypoo said...

foo, the teahadists still haven't figured out they are ronnie rayguns victims. and beckkk hasn't mentioned tim mcveigh yet. right?

Harry R. Sohl said...

Christ, Murdoch can't even share the one $20 bill that someone paid to be in earshot of Hannity - you know, that one teabagger without diabetes?

Isn't there some joke about dragging a $100 bill through a trailerpark being named "calling all Murdochs"?