Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Don't you dare intervene in my fit!

Well, Lindsey Graham recently demanded immigration reform be taken up ASAP. In fact he had a fit. Then eventually it looked like it might get taken up soon. So he had a fit.

Allegedly the fit was because immigration would come up before the climate change bill he was working on with John Kerry and Joe Lieberman (so you know that bill would be awesome, right?).

Well, we can't have that. So eventually, the climate bill would come up before the immigration bill, just like President Tantrum wanted -- though he said he wanted both bills. Well, apparently not.

Tonight, Graham told me that he will filibuster his own climate change bill, unless Reid drops all plans to turn to immigration this Congress.

I'm sensing a pattern.

Nice to know that Graham will undoubtedly be personally stroked and caressed on this Sunday's chat shows as a "statesman" while Carl Levin gets the Marcy Wheeler treatment because of Sally Quinn's virginal ear (the one on the left only).

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DrDick said...

I am just going to start calling Graham "Lucy" and quit all pretense.

Montag said...

It seems that the only people who can't figure out what he's doing are those entrusted by the media to figure out what he's doing.

When do we start hearing the careworn refrain, "no one could have anticipated...?"

sukabi said...

I'd suggest a campaign to send Ms. Lindsey some midol and kotex, because that gurl is surely on the rag... but that would be offensive to the real girls who are.

pansypoo said...

eeew, don't use stroked when talking about miss lindsey.