Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well that cuts it!

Serial philandering, whatever. Now Tiger Woods is truly DEAD to me.


jimmiraybob said...

Still. Don't. Care.

Bigger. Worries. Than. Prowling. Penises/Penes. And. Or. The. Women. Who. Engage. Them.


Is "Tiger Woods" now on a banned word list?

pansypoo said...

how come newt gingrich's philandering didn't get this much coverage? cause his penis is white?

Jay Allbritton said...

Oh. My. God. Tiger is fucking Nickelback.

Can I say that on this blog? Sorry if I went too far there, but dude... gross.

Anonymous said...

Look, the guy is a great golfer, one who excels at chasing a little white ball into a hole.
Such success demands his greatness be served with the other trophies life has when fame and money are just not enough.
Why has liberalism got so puritanical?

guessed said...

yet another indication that tiger is a republican?

heard somebody joke the pope could absolve himself by doing a nike ad getting chewed out by tiger's dad. i want to see video of that.