Monday, April 26, 2010

"The Story of US"

Interesting, how the commercial breaks to "America: The Story of Us" tells me to ignore the actual story, the real heroes of America are banks like "Bank of America" the sponsor of "America: The Story of Us".

Funny that.


Montag said...

Not having television, I presume that "The Story of Us," is some producer's propaganda wet dream.

We've had a lot of those over the years, haven't we?

sukabi said...

fairy tale's getting a bit tarnished lately, time readjust the tinfoil halo and remind the rubes that We're Great!

pansypoo said...

the bakersters are still full of shit?

guessed said...

non sequiturs from rudy and newt needlessly sullied the thing. though it was nice to learn the prussian general who helped train washington's army was (gasp) gay.