Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fair Value?

I went to KFC yesterday with one of my chickens, and no matter how often I tried, I couldn't trade it in for a couple double-downs.

It seemed like more than a fair-trade under the new Republican Free-market system.


Montag said...

Geez, if you can't get Colonel Sanders to accept a chicken, how are earth are you going to get a brain surgeon to take one?

I wonder if Lowdown is accepting chickens in lieu of cash campaign donations?

guessed said...

last time i heard barter talk was pre y2k hysteria.

pansypoo said...

have you tried a bag of potatoes?

Anonymous said...

those pols are reaching back to urban and rural legends from depression days when doctors made house calls and often were rewarded with meat and potatoes - but cash was king then, and no one had any. Now there's plastic money and no house calls. vox