Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh this will lead to AWESOME law

Chief Justice, and man about town, John Roberts, in a case involving Sexting (i.e. Clarence Thomas' FAVORITE case this term):

Chief Justice Roberts warned against devising a legal rule that “would require people basically to have two of these things with them, two of whatever they are — the text messager or the BlackBerrys or whatever.”

Now, I simply copied this quote from someone else -- but I WANT TO BELIEVE -- he said "text MASSAGER", in part because such a device would be AWESOME (and perpetually make Clarence Thomas the justice happiest to see you)!

Nevertheless, let this begin John Robert's battle against these kids today and their "Poke-a-Mans" and their "Justin Boobers".


Montag said...

When Clarence Thomas sets his cell phone to "vibrate" instead of "ring," I wonder what pocket he puts it in...?

[Yeah, I know... "ewwwwwwww."]

StonyPillow said...

Teatards are up in arms about theoretical government intrusions into their lives, while corporations, and particularly their employers, have invaded them up to their gizzards.

Anyone who assumes any privacy, or any right to privacy, on their employer-issued cell phone is a fool. And yes, that means two cell phones.

Anonymous said...

And here's ten dollars... go see a Star War.

Anonymous said...

And here's ten dollars... go see a Star War.

pansypoo said...

i am guessin roberts likes dudes in corsets.