Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Now a pain in the ass

I like Apple products, and I admit, I held an iPad the other day and told the person I was with to get me out of there before I bought one.

However, if this is accurate, kind of a jerk move on Apple's part, couldn't they have found a way to test this out beforehand?:

The problem stems not from the iPad's popularity but from the way it connects to wireless networks. Princeton University in New Jersey has blocked 20 percent of the iPads on campus because of "malfunctions that can affect the entire school's computer system."

In a report, Princeton said the iPad causes DHCP client malfunctions, which basically means the tablet causes interference for other devices using the school's wireless network. In order to prevent that interference, Princeton has been blocking the offending iPads.

And what's more, the iPad is an anti-Semite too (or something!):

The entire nation of Israel has banned the iPad because of problems the country has with the Wi-Fi connection it uses. Visitors bringing an iPad to the country must impound the device for a daily fee until they leave or pay to send it back home.


DanF said...

Good for the iPad! Take those IP numbers and do NOT give them back! DHCP is nothing more than a socialist IP sharing system set up by the elitist liberal cabal of Silcon Valley!

n8k99 said...

Duke University had a similiar problem with iPhones when they first came out, turns out the fault was not in the Apple product but rather in the networking infrastructure, it could very well be the case that both Israel and Princeton are using similiar networking equipment to create their networks. I'm not completely certain of this, but you can't quite tell until the engineers get through all the diagnostics and tests to determine the true cause, but that doesn't write catchy headlines, does it?

sukabi said...

thought all communications devices had to pass FTC specs prior to hitting the market...

so who did Apple pay off?

pansypoo said...

microsoft fail?

Culture of Tr√úth said...

I held an iPad and it was glorious.